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Roomali Roti in a New Avaatar - Loved by many at Horn Ok Please!!

Do you love Rumali Roti? We bet you have never tasted this version!!

Food Enthusiants must taste the  Kadak Rumali.

Where To Eat?

It is available at the North Delhi Restaurant Indus Flavours.

Restaurant Location

1. Hudson Lane Kingsway Camp. 2. Pacific Mall, NSP. 3. State Bank Colony.

This new avaatar of Rumali Roti is a graet snacking option and can act as a great Chakhna too!!

A Great Snack

Flavours Available: 1. Classic Desi 2. Cheesy Italian 3. Kadak Chaat 4.  African Peri-Peri.

The Chaat Flavour is certainly the best of the lot.  The Italian Flavour tastes bland and still needs some twerking.

Best & Worst FlAvour

It is priced between Rs. 325 to 345.


Crowd Favourite @ hornokpleasefest 

It was one of the top attarctions at the city's just concluded Food Festival - Horn Ok Please.

Overall its a visually appealing and enjoyble new find. Do try it if you haven't yet!!

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