Daily Hacks to minimize the damage from air pollution

A significant alarm has been raised over the worsening air quality in the nation's capital. 

Winter time after time results in a considerable decrease in Delhi's Air Quality Index (AQI) and the areas around it.

Here are few hacks to keep your health in line this coming winter season!

Plant lots of indoor Air Purifying Plants like Snake, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant etc.

Drink Haldi Milk or water with ginger anfd Tulsi everyday that have healing properties..

Stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water, juices & other liquids.

Eat Vitamin C, E and Omaga-3 rich foods to your diet. These foods will boost your natural immunity.

Exercise regularly, to keep your body active and healthy.

Prefer Indoor Exercises.

Use Air purifiers, if possible, at your home as well as in your car.

Floral Separator

Try the Desi Nushka- 1.  Placing two drops of cow ghee in each nostril every morning and evening.  2. Eat a small piece of Gur everyday.

By using these recommendations, you can lessen the amount of pollution you breathe in.