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Reasons why people love delhi metro

When in Delhi, travel like the Delhiites do! Delhi Metro is every Delhi person's favourite mode of transportation. But why? You may ask.  Here are the reasons why we all love it:

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It covers almost all parts of Delhi. You can easily reach your destination because of DMRC's great mapping system. It covers the entire Delhi NCR.

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No matter how long the journey is, you get me time. You can always relax and read your book or magazine, draw or indulge in watching the scenic view of Delhi.


Talking of indulging in the scenic views, you get a glimpse of Humayun's Tomb, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Jhandewala Hanuman Ji, India Gate and more such places in the metro.

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Going on metro dates. Yes, you read it right... Metro dates are a new thing where you can aimlessly travel with your partner, hold hands and get mushy together.


People solely rely on metros to reach their offices. It is very affordable to travel in it. The frequency between trains is great.

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With a separate section for women, many women feel safe while travelling alone in the metro. Delhi metro is very safe for women.


The seats are made of steel. So, there are no stains or anything left on it. Any kind of dirt gets easily wiped-off.


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