"Body was chopped into 35 pieces.": How Shraddha's lover brutally murdered her.

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On May 18, Aftab Amin Poonawala, brutally killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walker by dicing her into 35 pieces.

Sources suggest that the two got in a fight and Aftab lost his cool and strangled Shraddha to death.

Shraddha's father, Vikash Madan Walker, lodged a complaint stating that his daughter was missing. 

It all came to light when Shraddha's friends told her father in September that she has not been responding to calls or texts for months.  This raised concern.

Investigation revealed that she lived with Aftab for 3 years in Mumbai and later, moved to New Delhi. The case was handed over to New Delhi Police. 

On further investigation, Aftab was accused of Shraddha's murder. He stated that he bought a fridge and kept her pieces in it. For the next 18 days, he disposed those pieces in Chattarpur Enclave's forest area at night.

A complaint has been filed at the Mehrauli police station under IPC sections 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence of an offence committed) and 302 (murder) as a result of the arrest of the accused, according to officials.

In the accused's leased apartment, police also found some bones, and authorities said they were working to find the body's other parts.

Poonawala also stated  that after storing it in the refrigerator, he used to see the face. After getting rid of the corpse, Aftab cleaned the refrigerator. He used incense and air fresheners to mask the scent of the victim's decomposing body.

More investigation is taking place. Shraddha's missing parts are still being searched and more of their friend's and close ones are being contacted. Aftab has been jailed for this heinous crime.

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