Best wholesale crockery market in Delhi

The best market in Delhi when it comes to wholesale crockery would be Sadar Bazar crockery market and Azad Market. For some aesthetically pleasing and designer crockery, you can visit Hauz Rani market. 

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Sadar Bazar has a number of shops selling a wide range of kitchen essentials including crockery, storage supplies, containers, appliances and much more.

 A set of 6 glasses at Rs. 250,300 and 350, a set 6 plates at Rs. 150, 180 and 200, dinner sets at Rs. 500,800 and 1000.  Apart from crockery you will find 9-piece containers from Rs. 35 – Rs. 300, depending on their sizes.

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Another market for wholesale crockery in Delhi is Azad Market where quality and range is slightly better from Sadar Bazar

A 40-piece dinner set will cost you Rs. 1000. Similarly a set of 12-bowls will start from Rs. 100, 6-piece cup will cost you Rs 52/62/70 varying on the designs.

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If you are looking for some aesthetic crockery for your kitchen, without spending extra bucks, then do visit Hauz Rani market in Delhi.

 Although you won’t be able to bargain much here. This market specialises in ceramic crockery, home décor, planters and much more.

Before buying crockery in bulk, we would suggest you to check the quality thoroughly and the prices will depend on your bargaining skills.

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