Banks and ATMs in Delhi

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Central Delhi homes one of North India’s largest Financial and Commercial centre, ‘Connaught Place’ where many major Foreign and Indian Banks have their main offices and Branches. The Service Centre of Delhi has also expanded exponentially due to the growing English speaking skilled population contributing to the main workforce of the city. This has been the constant reason for attracting numerous Multinational Companies which include the major expansion of Contact and Customer Service Centers popularly known as the ‘Business Process Outsourcing’ centers in the City.

The primary service Industries of Delhi can be categorized as Information Technology Service and manufacturing centers, Tourism, Hospitality, Media, Telecommunications and the Banking Sectors.

The Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi publishes official economic reports on an annual basis and as per the 2004-05 report; the city saw a net State Domestic Product (SDP) of Rs. 83,085 crores which computes to a per capita income of Rs. 53,976. The city’s highest gross SDP of 74% is contributed by the Tertiary Sector followed by 20.2% contributed by the Primary and Secondary Sectors respectively.

The economy of Delhi is segregated into Public sector and Private Sector which compromises of Manufacturing Industries, Financial Sectors and Services, Mass and Media Communication. Due to its growing economy, many International Banks are making their way into the Indian market and offering the mass an array of financial services and requirements that are effectively and efficiently handled.

At left hand side, there is complete alphabetical order-list of all the Banks operating in Delhi that have been categorized as per their respective Offices with their Branch addresses and contact numbers that any Tourist and Visitor may contact for assistance during their stay in Delhi.

Delhi ISD code: [+91]
Delhi STD Code: [011]

[If you are calling the Banks from any other state other than Delhi / NCR, please prefix the numbers with the STD code. For e.g. 011-12345678]

[If you are calling the Banks from Abroad, please prefix the ISD code and then the STD code. For e.g. 91-11-12345678]

Please note that Banks are generally opened from;
Mondays to Fridays: 0900 hours – 1500 hours for any visits.
Saturdays: 0900 hours – 1230 hours. Some do open up till 1600 hours.
[Please check the timings with the individual Banks before you visit]

Some Banks are not operational on Sundays for any visits.

The increase in population and expansion of the Delhi as a Metropolitan City has made it difficult for customers to travel to their respective Bank Branches for any need of instant cash and subsequently the Banks are also overloaded with more work. Hence, the introduction of ATMs [Automated Teller Machine] has considerably assisted all individuals in their daily needs of cash without the intervention of a working Bank and limited timelines of visitation. This has subsequently also reduced the daily intervention of Bank personnel with their customers for demand of cash withdrawals and hence the Bank workers are free to work on more prioritized Agendas.

The ATM also assist a customer to learn the Cash balance on his/her account along with a mini statement that showcases a snapshot of money withdrawn or credited to the account.

Currently most of the Banks allow customers from other Banks to withdraw cash from the ATM of another Bank. For e.g. you can withdraw cash from a Citibank ATM using your HDFC debit card but for a limited number of times in a month.

Tourists and Visitors can be ensured that almost all the individual Bank Branches listed below are equipped with 24 x 7 ATMs opened on all days and hence is easily available for use to withdraw cash.