Biggest library in Delhi

By Ankita Sharma

Delhi is home to several libraries to satisfy the needs of all the bookworms out there. Books are a human’s friend in all true sense, as they are always there to give you company and support. Although the world has shifted to Kindle and other forms of digital books, libraries help you stay grounded by keeping you in close contact with old-school paperback books. A keen reader or not, one must visit libraries to feel the essence and charm of fully-stacked shelves of libraries.

Biggest library in Delhi

Regarding libraries in the capital city, Delhi Public Library is the most extensive library. Check out the article below to know more about Delhi’s most extensive library.

Delhi Public Library was set up in 1951 by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, with technical and financial guidance from UNESCO. Since 1951, the library has gone through significant changes and has developed into a premier public library system in the country, catering to the needs of bookworms around the capital. The Public Library network consists of a Central Library, which has been divided into 4 branch libraries, 18 sub-branch libraries, 1 community library, 7 resettlement colony libraries, 1 braille library, 157 Mobile Library Service Points, and 28 Book Reading Rooms, spread across Delhi NCR.

The library provides free book-lending services to kids and adults irrespective of class, gender, and age. Apart from such noble services, Delhi Public Library works hard to create a community to promote intellectual pursuits and recreational activities among book readers.

Since this library is one of the biggest in Delhi, it offers an extensive collection of books, journals, magazines, and other reading material in several languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi and others. Delhi Public Library owns a collection of consists of 16 lakh books in various fields like computer science, information technology, religion, philosophy, literature, medical science, zoology, botany, history, fiction, non-fiction, geography and much more.

Operating Hours

Delhi Public Library is open all days of the week for all book readers, where the time for Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sundays, the library opens from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The annual membership for Delhi Public Library for all Delhi residents costs Rs. 100 and Rs. 25 for BPL (below the poverty line) card holders. Apart from annual membership, readers can also avail of the facility of self-study rooms at Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 for BPL card holders.

Where is it located?

Delhi Public Library is located at Old Delhi Railway Station, Chandi Chowk, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Marg, opposite Old Delhi.

How to reach?

The nearest metro station to Delhi Public Library is Chandni Chowk metro station, located on the yellow line of the Delhi metro and can be reached by walking for a few minutes. Similarly, readers can hire an auto-rickshaw or cab to reach the destination.


1. Which Delhi library is the best?

Delhi’s top libraries:

  • Kasturba Gandhi Marg, American Library.
  • Rabindra Nagar’s Sahitya Akademi Library.
  • IIT Delhi Central Library
  • Rajpath District Central Secretariat Library
  • Sarojini Nagar’s Delhi Public Library.
  • Chanakyapuri’s Nehru Memorial Museum & Library.
  • Lajpat Nagar IV’s Japan Foundation Library.

2. Does Delhi have a public library?

The Delhi Public Library has a collection of about 18 lakh books, and its user base is constantly growing. The collection offers a book for each reader, whatever their reading preferences. The library has 9,431 cassettes, phonograph records, and records overall.

3. Who is permitted to use the Delhi Public Library?

Within Delhi’s NCT, the DPL offers library services. All individuals resident in the NCT of Delhi are eligible to join by paying an annual membership fee of Rs. 100.00 (for general members) and Rs. 25.00 (for BPL card holders).

4. The Delhi Public Library was founded by who?

It was integrated on the 27th of October 1951 by Jawahar Lal Nehru. Since then, it has grown to become one of the best national public library systems, serving the entire metropolitan area. The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is currently in charge of the administrative operations of the Delhi Public Library.


Delhi Public Library is definitely worth paying a visit; it doesn’t matter if you are a reader or a non-reader, as books always manage to alter our moods and offer worthy information. We hope that the above article helped you, to know more about Delhi’s biggest library.

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