Cinema Halls, Movie Theatres and Multiplexes in Delhi

Cinema has always captivated the globe with its range of story plots coupled with action, thrill, Suspense, Sci-Fi and drama making it one of the most watched and enjoyed sources of entertainment. Hence, Cinema Halls as they were known earlier and Multiplexes as they are known today provide that opportunity and venue for people to enjoy a movie of their choice along with soft drinks, light snacks and of course popcorn which is a favourite movie snack.

Movie Theatres dot the city of Delhi offering wide screen entertainment with superb surround sound and Dolby Stereo systems that adds to a great viewing experience. These Movie theatres are also equipped with soft and comfortable cushioned seats that are also made to recline in order for viewers to encounter a comfortable movie viewing experience.

Pre Independence, there were about 7 to 8 Cinema Halls in Old Delhi by the 1940s which were colloquially called by locals as ‘Bioscope' whereas the lowest or poorest class of the people would call them ‘Mandwa’. For no reason, people in those days would call the Movie Halls by different names. Halls like ‘The Ritz’, ‘The Novelty’ or ‘Kumar Talkies’ were called by names according to their location. For example ‘Kumar Talkies’ was called by the name of ‘Patharwala’ and ‘Jagat Hall’ was called as ‘Machliwala’. In those days, men were hired to advertise movies by calling out the movie names aloud along with the names of the Male Actor and Female Actor being presented in that movie while pushing the hoardings or billboards on wheels along the streets.

The conversion of Cinema Halls to Multiplexes began with the idea of providing multiple movie theatres hosting various movies under one roof and also to convert a single screen movie hall into a multiplex that houses from 2, 3 to 4 movie halls as one would notice in an auditorium that has been split into separate areas which houses their individual halls. This offer the audiences with an informed choice of watching whichever movie they prefer to, be it an Indian, Regional or International Movie, all available under one roof.

Cinema Halls have now been renovated and refurbished to cater to the growing demand of people wanting and expecting the best viewing experience as seen in the US and other major countries. This expectation and demand resulted in the pioneer of a more contemporary Movie Theatre which we know as Multiplexes today. The Anupam cinema is arguably considered as a pioneer in modern multiplexes that was established by PVR (Priya Village Roadshow) in 1997 in South Delhi with high tech equipments and technology imported from Australia. This PVR became famous after it broke the national records for the largest number of audiences.

In Delhi, PVR became a revolution in the field of providing an excellent movie theatre experience and since then many old Cinema halls were renovated to large multiplexes in the capital city. The trend of multiplexes became an instant hit and many establishments began their own chain of multiplexes in the city that include the PVR Cinemas, Fun Cinemas, Satyam Cineplexes and Wave Cinema. These Multiplexes also offer the convenience of booking online movie tickets with home delivery and loyalty incentives.

At left hand, there is the list of Cinema Halls, Movie Theatres and Multiplexes in Delhi NCR that have been categorised according to their location for your convenience. Please click on each link for more information.

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