The India International Trade Fair or IITF is a long awaited annual fair that is organised every year at Pragati Maidan, Delhi by ITPO. This fair commences on the 14th of November and ends on 27th November. Sometimes it is also extended as per the rush and Traders discretion as it sees a rush of crowd towards the last day of the fair. The first Trade Fair was organised in 1980 and since then it has become one of the most awaited, successful and largest event held in Delhi in terms of content, quality, quantity and size. This fair gives a platform to all the traders, manufacturers and exporters/importers to display and sell their products. The business centre in this fair also attracts numerous International representatives and visitors from abroad and this country. The Fair is strategically planned with individual State Pavilions, Business Pavilion, Science Pavilion and others separated to help facilitate the trade in a more organised manner and avoid any confusion and congestion.

The Fair is also accompanied by various cultural events and folk shows like Theatre plays, Puppet shows and music events from all States of India that are greatly enjoyed by the crowd. IITF has also promoted the use of eco-friendly packaging and all polythene and plastic bags have been strictly banned. Smoking is also strictly prohibited in this fair and there are a team of dedicated officials who constantly monitor such violations and other kinds too. ITPO had also arranged a special exhibition this year in 2009 at Nehru Pavilion which displayed an array of achievements in the line of Space research and development which have contributed immensely to the good of society and made a great impact on our lives.

This fair not only provides products for sale but also offers mouth watering delicacies ranging from Chaats, Sweets, Namkeen, Snacks, cuisines which are hygienic, tasty and of the best quality. It brings together the culinary delights and heritage cuisines of Delhi under one roof accompanied by excellent service. The ‘Dilli ka Khaana’ is known for its delicious snacks and cuisines ranging from Kachoris, Samosas, Cottage Cheese dishes, Rajma Chaawal [Spiced red kidney beans with steam rice], Gulaab Jamun sweet and many more whereas ‘Bharat ka Khaana’ consists of food outlets with ethnic cuisines ranging from Roghan Josh [Mutton delicacy], Gustaba, Bamboo shoot cooked with Pork with thick gravy, Saffron Kahwa, Fish curries, Chicken dishes, fried rice, Pav Bhaaji, Hyderabadi Biryani, Dosas, Wada, Idli and many more.