Bawana is small census town situated in North West Delhi District. It was initially a Jat Village of the Gotra – Sehrawat clan and falls under the constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Delhi or the Vidhan Sabha. Three Jat MLAs were elected as a member of the Vidhan Sabha during 1972, 1977 and 1983 respectively; however since 1993, the seats have been reserved for Schedule Caste candidates only. It homes a population of 23,095 inhabitants and has a literacy rate of 72% which is comparatively higher than the Nation’s average literacy rate of 59.5%.

Bawana is elevated at an average height of 213 metres or 698 feet above ground level and borders with villages like Bajit Pur, Dariya Pur, Ghogha, Holabmi Khurd, Holambi Kalan, Kheda Khurd, Majra Dabas, Nangal Thakran, Pooth Khurd and Sultanpur Dabas. This region also experiences extreme temperatures that rise very high during summers and drop to zero Degree C during winters.

Initially, Bawana Village encompassed a farming area of 52000 Bigha which is approximately 3250 acres of land; however, most of this area has been acquired by the Delhi Government and converted into an Industrial zone. The region has a very fertile ‘Khadar’ soil and holds a very high water table owing to the western Yamuna canal and the existence of high density ponds.

Bawana homes the famous Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Industrial Park known to be one of the best planned industrial areas of India. The Rajiv Gandhi Stadium was constructed in this village to cater to the need of sports persons from the rural areas of Delhi. It also homes a 20 MGD water treatment plant to meet the demand of water supply in these rural areas.

Bawana also homes an Air Force Station and a CRPF Base Camp while the ‘SOS children’s village’ located in this village is awarded as the best orphanage in Delhi. This region is one of the few places in the city that homes a ‘Delhi Public Library’ that is functional and was recently refurbished. This administrative division of Bawana was also renovated as one of the ‘20 Historical Sites of Delhi’ that was showcased to tourists and visitors during the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi.

Bawana also has its share of notable personalities that belong to this village such as Satpal, a Wrestler, who won the ‘National Champion’ award 16 times, the ‘Asian Games’ Gold Medal, the ‘Arjuna Award’ and the prestigious ‘Padma Shri’ and ‘Dronacharya’ awards. Currently, he is the Deputy Directorate of the Sports Education Centre of New Delhi. Rajesh Chauhan is a Hockey player that represented India for 10 years and is currently the coach of the Indian Team under 18. Naresh Kumar is also a Wrestler and resident of this village who won the ‘Arjuna Award’ in 2000 for wrestling and Ravinder Khokhar is another resident of this village who is known as the youngest Chartered Accountant that the Nation has ever produced up till this date. He cleared the CA exams at age of 20.7 years which is a record held in India up till this day.

The Delhi Government is also planning to extend the Delhi Metro Railway link from Jahangirpuri to Bawana via Samaipur and Badli in view of the large concentration of people staying in the nearby villages and also due to the upcoming large industrial estate to be completed in Bawana and development of Rohini Phase IV and Phase V colonies.

The Delhi Government has planned a number of developmental schemes with the Rural Development Board of Delhi for the rural development of Villages near the city and its surrounding areas which is underway. The entire region of Bawana will progress as a large industrial complex that would in turn lead to a substantial increase in employment opportunities for villagers and its nearby residents.

Bawana can be reached by road from all parts of Delhi including the IGI Airport [DEL] which is situated approximately 46.1 Kms or 1 Hour and 51 minutes away by road, the New Delhi Railway Station which is 29 Kms or 85 minutes by road, the Old Delhi Railway Station which is 27.8 Kms or 81 minutes by road and the Nizamuddin Railway Station which is 42.9 Kms or 1 Hour 38 minutes by road.