Connaught Place (CP)

Connaught Place is situated in Central Delhi and is known as a hub for big brand names and highly profiled showrooms and outlets that retail a wide variety of items. The name ‘Connaught’ is pronounced as ‘ [KON] + [AWT].’


Why is Connaught Place famous?

Connaught Place, or ‘CP’ more commonly known, is an enormous commercial and business centre in New Delhi. It houses the headquarters of several prominent Indian firms and is a major shopping, nightlife and tourist destination in New Delhi. The Statesmen, Gopaldas and State Emporia buildings are situated in this circle of CP including the Head Offices of Major International Airlines, Banks, Media and so forth. As of July 2018, Connaught Place was the worlworld’s world’s world’s d’s world’s ninth most expensive office location.

History of CP

The Aerial view of Connaught Place clearly depicts the way this place was beautifully and logically designed in the shape of a two radial circles namely inner and outer circles. Eight radial roads stretch out of the inner circle of Connaught Place like the wheel spokes and twelve radial roads stretch out of the outer circle of Connaught Place leading you out of this centre and connecting it to the other parts of Delhi.

 Who built Connaught Place Delhi and when?

Robert Tor Russell designed this British Commercial centre in collaboration with W H Nicholls. It is circular and known as the largest commercial hub of its kind in India. The construction work began in 1929 and was completed in 1933. Connaught Place’s Georgian architecture is modelled after the Royal Crescent in Bath, which was built between 1767 and 1774.

 Why is it called Connaught?

This place was built by the British during their rule in India and was named after Prince Arthur, the first Duke of Connaught, a member of the British Imperial family.

It was renamed in 1995 after former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, as Rajiv Chowk.

Places to visit in Connaught Place Market

1. Inner Circle & Outer Circle

Connaught Place is a sprawling market with a grey whitewashed structure designed in two concentric circles; the inner circle, which has blocks A to F, and the outer circle, which has blocks G to N. It is a hub for everything you need.

  • Both circles are arrayed with majestic white hallway pillars.
  • 8 radial roads in Connaught Place connect both the circles to each other.
  • In these blocks, one can find hotels, shops, restaurants and business houses.
  • The Inner Circle Shops and Outlets retail numerous international brands su”h as showrooms of Allen Solly” Benetton, Nike, Reebok, Lee Cooper, Levi’s, Adidas and many more. 

2. Palika Bazaar

  • It is an underground market between the inner and outer circle of Connaught Place, named after the Palika Bazaar of Mumbai.
  • Set up in the late 1970s, it hosts 380 numbered shops selling a diverse range of items, including footwear, accessories, and electronic gadgets.
  • Electronic items and clothing dominate the market.
  • Known as a place with meager prices it is a famous tourist attraction, It is estimated to have some 15,000 people within its confines at any given time.
  • The New Delhi Municipal Council is currently working on plans for a significant “renovation of Palika Bazaar”, described as being in a state of decay.
  • It remains closed on Sundays.

Baba Kharak Singh Marg

  • If you want to understand and value the culture of diverse states of India, then Baba Kharag Singh Marg is the perfect place for you.
  • Starting from the outer circle of Connaught Place, the right side of the street introduces you to the different state emporium shops.
  • The emporium shops of different states offer shoppers a unique experience of multiple cultures in one market.
  • From clothes to decorative handicrafts on sale and display, the ambience and the interior of these emporiums is an ideal representation of the distinct culture of various states.
  • A visit to any emporiums gives you a glance at the native culture of a particular state.
  • Although the products you get here are costly, they are a testament to supreme quality.
  • There is also a weekly flower market organized every Sunday.
  • Along with emporiums, Baba Kharak Singh Marg has numerous luxury car outlets. Mercedes and Audi have a showroom right on the Baba Kharak Singh Marg.
  • The Visa office of several embassies, including many European countries, is located here.


Janpath which is situated behind CP also offers a variety of delectable snacks at an affordable price.

Hotels in Connaught place

  1. Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught place
  2. The Connaught Pâtisseeveryone’sonnaught Hotel
  3. Connaught royale
  4. The Park Connaught place
  5. Le Meridien CP

Connaught Place Restaurants

  1. Barbeque nation cp
  2. Sarvana Bhawan cp
  3. unplugged courtyard cp
  4. Indian coffee house cp
  5. Warehouse cafe cp
  6. Rajasthani cp
  7. Parikrama, the revolving restaurant


1. Is Connaught Place good for shopping?

It is the best place for shopping, and it gives you a variety of excellent quality commodities making it a great shopping destination. The Central Park of this area is a famous venue for hosting many cultural events and concerts.

2. Is Connaught Place expensive?

Yes, Connaught place is supposed to be an elite market with an expensive price range which may not be reasonable for all. Whereas this place is a blend not only of old and new brands but also has flea markets, which may cater to everyone’s needs.

With the Connaught place lies the underground market, Palika Bazaar, which is a paradise for every shopper.

3. Is Connaught Place and Rajiv Chowk the same?

Yes, Connaught Place is officially known as Rajiv Chowk.

4. What is the best time to visit CP?

Connaught Place is mostly crowded on Friday nights and Saturdays and less crowded from Mondays to Fridays mornings. It is open between 10 AM to 9 PM on all days except Sundays. But now even on sundays you will find most of the market to be open.

How to reach?

  • It is accessible via road as it is centrally located and well connected to all parts of Delhi.
  • It is located very close to the New Delhi Railway Station which is situated just 1.7 km or 4 minutes away.
  • The Old Delhi Railway Station is located approximately 7.7 km or 18 minutes away while the Nizamuddin Railway Station is 8 km or 22 minutes away.
  • The Indira Gandhi International Airport is about 20.9 km or 38 minutes away.
  • The Rajiv Chowk Metro station located underground of Connaught Place is known as the busiest metro station in Delhi as it is also an interchanging point for metro link connectivity to other parts of the city. You can take the blue line or the yellow line metro trains from here.

Parting Words

Connaught Place is a prime and circular business and commercial centre of Delhi It also forms an integral part of New Delhi as it homes the Trade Centre of the capital city. It is also famous among youngsters and tourists who enjoy the ambience of this marketplace. It is a shopping extravaganza for shopaholics looking for branded items, jewellery, wares and artefacts.