Karol Bagh is a blend of commercial of residential complex that homes the Constituency of Lok Sabha. It is also one of the three main administrative sub districts of Central Delhi that falls under the National Capital Territory region of the city.

Karol Bagh was originally a residential area that was mostly inhabited by Muslims. Post Independence and during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the Muslim residents of this area were forced to migrate or relocate to Pakistan and all Hindu and Punjabi Families residing in Pakistan then were forced to relocate to India. These Punjabi families were mostly traders who later set shops and residence in this region.

Post partition, this area also saw an influx of people from Maharashtra, Tamil and Bengalis. The Bengali community is one of the oldest migrants and hence, this was the first place in Delhi who witnessed the first Durga Puja and because of which the Durga Puja Festival became very popular in Delhi and took off in a jiffy. Today, you will get a glimpse of the festival celebrations in all the corners of Delhi which is very vibrant and inviting.

Karol Bagh has also witnessed many riots including the Sikh riots in 1984 when Indira Gandhi who was then the Prime Minister of India was assassinated and the recent Bomb Blast in Ghaffar Market in October 2008. However, despite these painful events, this town has braved all the odds and is still one of the most visited and thriving commercial centre and market area in Delhi.

Karol Bagh is also known as one of the largest commercial complex in Delhi that caters to all the demands of the population ranging from very affordable clothing, Fabrics, Curtains, electronics and everything else. You just name it and it will be available at your disposal. ‘Ghaffar Market’ also spelled as ‘Gaffar Market’ is the ‘Mobile hub of Delhi’ and is very popular amongst the mobile phone enthusiasts. This place offers you with the entire gamut of Mobile phones, cellular phones [be it GSM, CDMA, Touch-Screen, 3G and so forth] and accessories. All the Shops retail new and old models of mobile phones, both branded and non-branded as well as Chinese Mobiles. The best feature is the used cellular phones that are available at a very low price along with its accessories. The market also offers a number of Mobile repairing outlets equipped with the latest facilities that also includes mobile software downloading facilities.

The Main Market area of Karol Bagh is also famous for wholesale garments known as ‘Tank Road’ which was established by a few Shop owners during the late 1980’s.

Karol Bagh also encompasses other residential colonies that include Raigar Pura, a town named after Raigar, a schedule caste from Rajasthan; Bedon Pura, a place named after an English Officer; Dev Nagar, Bapa Nagar and W.E.A. Karol Bagh which is an area that was affected by terrorist attacks after the bomb blast in Ghaffar Market in October 2008.

Karol Bagh homes the historic Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College that was inaugurated in 1921 by Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College which falls under the University of Delhi. This region is also popular for International eating joints like Pizza Hut and TGIF and International Branded Retail Showrooms like Lacoste, Puma, Reebok and Sketchers.

The main market and area of Karol Bagh is easily reachable via road and the Metro Link. Visitors can de-board at the Karol Bagh Metro Station situated just 0.9 Kms or 4 minutes away. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is also located approximately 21 Kms or 41 minutes away while the Nizamuddin Railway Station is situated 11.4 Kms or 32 minutes away, the New Delhi Railway Station is located just 3.7 Kms or 12 minutes away and the Old Delhi Railway Station is 5.4 Kms or 16 minutes away.