List of Districts of Delhi

Districts of Delhi

Delhi is known for its excellent tourist attractions, recreational centres, world heritage centres, rich culture, diverse religion and traditions and that is presented to all of us in a platter but what goes behind this presentation, hard work and maintenance is a strong administrative body that manages the daily requirements of the city's growing demands which is commendable taking into account the fact that this city represents the identity of India being the National Capital City of India and the nucleus of commerce, trade and home to the political leaders of the seat of the Government of India.

For this purpose, the Indian government has divided Delhi into nine districts governed by a Deputy Commissioner who would be responsible for the proper administration and upkeep of their individual districts respectively.

The Districts of Delhi are further divided into sub-districts co-managed by the Additional District Magistrate, Sub Divisional Magistrate and Sub Registrars or Tehsildars. The Administrative body is responsible for managing an array of functions ranging from magisterial concerns, issuance of statutory documents, managing revenue courts and land record maintenance, property registration and land acquisition, supervision of elections and conduct, relief work and rehabilitations and marriage registration are to name a few.

For detailed information on the individual districts of Delhi, please refer to the links below;

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