Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

Contact Information:
Address: JNU New Campus, Aruna Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi – 110 067
Phone: + 91 – 11 – 2674 2920 , + 91 – 11 – 2674 2960
Fax: + 91 – 11 – 2674 2462

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication or IIMC is considered as a premier media Institute in India and is funded and promoted by the Government of India. This Institute was established on 17th August 1965 with support from UNESCO and functions as an autonomous society under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The IIMC operates two branches; one in Delhi and the other at Dhenkanal in Orissa. It features a world class infrastructure and permanent faculty status when compared to other Institutes in India. The faculty to student ratio is 1:8 which is known as one of the best ratio when compared to other Indian media Institutes. This enables a close-knit interaction between the students and the faculty as well as improves knowledge retention and better understanding of the subject.

The IIMC attracts maximum applications every year other than any media Institutes in India, however, mostly 1 out of a 100 applicants find their way into this Institute. Prominent faculty member of this Institute include Senior Journalist Prof. Shivaji Sarkar, Dr. Anand Pradhan, Dr. Gita Bamezai, Dr. J, Jethwaney, Prof. K. M. Srivastava & Prof. S Raghavachari. The present Director of this Institute is Mr. Sunit Tandon who is a renowned Media personality, CEO of Lok Sabha TV and a well-known theatre and TV personality.

The IIMC is ranked as the best media Institute in India and offers a variety of courses in the disciplines of Print Journalism, Photo Journalism, Radio Journalism, Television Journalism, Development Communication, Communication Research & Advertising and Public Relations. It also offers post graduate programmes in Advertising and Public Relations, Electronic Journalism & Print Journalism. Recently, the Institute also commenced courses in regional languages like Hindi and Oriya apart from English.

IIMC also offers Diploma Courses for non-aligned and developing countries in the Development Journalism discipline. It was originally established to provide training to the officers of the Indian Information Service and also organises a number of specialised short term courses annually in order to meet the training needs of the media personnel who are working in the government sector as well as the public sector and organizations.

As an International Media University, IIMC is an Institution of exceptional excellence in the field of media and is at par with Institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management.

A number of IIMCians or the IIMC alumni and faculty members are renowned personalities in the field of Media, Journalism and Mass Communication and a few have also achieved great heights and success in a variety of professions.

In no particular order, below is a list of noted IIMCians:

  • Abhilasha Mohnot
  • Akhilesh Sharma – NDTV
  • Ambika Srivastava
  • Amit Sengupta – Editor, Analysis at Tehelka
  • Anisha Nayar – Primetime Anchor with NDTV Profit
  • Anita Kaul Basu – TV Producer
  • Anjali Gopalan – Founder of Naz Foundation. She is one of the thousand women who were proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.
  • Anjum Kapur – Account Director at McCann Erickson
  • Anurag Sharma at Star News
  • Apoorva Krishna
  • Arunoday Prakash at Star News
  • B. Muralidhar Reddy – The Hindu’s Correspondent in Pakistan
  • B. C. Jojo
  • Bibechana Acharya
  • Bina Jang – Senior Editor at Economist Group
  • Brij Raj Singh
  • Chitra Subramaniam – Journalist who broke the Infamous ‘Bofors’ Story
  • Cynthia Stephen – Writer
  • Deepak Chaurasia – Hindi Journalist
  • Hara Prasanna Das – Management Educator
  • Indrani Bagchi
  • Ira Dugal – Anchor at NDTV
  • Madhuker Uapadhyay
  • Mehraj Dube – Hindi Journalist
  • Mihir Gautam – NDTV
  • Mitali Mukherjee – Top Anchor at CNBC
  • Mudita Dias – ABC TV
  • Murali Gopalan – Business Editor at Hindu Business Line
  • Narendra Singh Rao – Film Reviewer and Play-Writer
  • Natasha Jog – Anchor At NDTV
  • Neelesh Misra – Author, Journalist and Bollywood Lyricist
  • Nidhi Razdan – Top Anchor and Journalist
  • Niret Alva – TV Producer & Co-Founder of Miditech
  • Om Shakti – Co-Founder of Earthood:
  • Padma Rao – Science Journalist
  • Parul Chand – Co-Founder Of Bright Light Communication
  • Pavithra George, Prakash Patra – Editor of Hindustan Times
  • Praveen Yadav, Producer at Star News
  • Priya Kapoor – Graduate Programme Director, Communications Department at Portland University
  • Priya Ranjan Dash – Managing Editor at Financial Chronicle
  • Radhe Krishan – Public Relation Professional
  • Rajeev Deshpande – Political Editor at Times of India
  • Ravish Kumar – NDTV
  • Saketh Rajan – An Alleged Naxalite Leader who was shot dead by the Karnataka Police
  • Shinie Antony – Author Of Kardamom Kisses
  • Shravani Dang – Global Group Head of Corporate Communications at The Avantha Group
  • Smita Nagaraj
  • Sourav Mishra – Journalist, Livelihood Interventionist & Researcher
  • Subhra Priyadarshini – Editor at Nature India
  • Sunetra Chaudhary – Anchor at NDTV
  • Sunny Sethi
  • Sweta Singh – Hindi Anchor
  • Tazeel Golmei – Anchor at NDTV
  • Tej Prakash – Journalist at Oneworld South Asia
  • Umashankar Singh
  • V K Cherian – Vice President of Adfactors PR
  • Vartika Nanda – LSR College
  • Vibha Desai – Advertisement Guru
  • Vikas Sachdeva
  • Yashwant Deshmukh
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