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The School of Planning and Architecture which is also commonly termed as ‘SPA’ by the professionals and alumni is a National Resource Institute of India. This Institute is considered as one of those few premier Institutes that is a part of the Centrally Funded Technical Institutions or ‘CFTI’ that comes under the Government of India.

The School of Planning and Architecture has 3 branches across India that is administered under the National Government of India. The SPA Delhi Institute is one of the specialized universities that impart education and train students to research in the field of Planning and Architecture.

The School of Planning and Architecture was set up in 1941 as the ‘Department of Architecture of Delhi Polytechnic’. Later, it was accorded as an affiliation of the University of Delhi and then it was integrated with the ‘School of Town and Country Planning’, a School that was established by the Government of India in 1955 to provide facilities for training in Rural, Urban and Regional Planning.  Subsequently, this school was then renamed as ‘The School of Planning and Architecture’ or ‘SPA Delhi’ and in 1959; it became an official affiliate of the University of Delhi.

In 1979, after the SPA proved its eminence in the specialised field of Planning and Architecture, the Government of India, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, accorded the School of Planning and Architecture with the status of a ‘Deemed University’. This Statutory Status enabled the School to broaden its horizon and hence it introduced new academic extension programmes and promoted research. It awarded its own Under-graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Degrees to students of the School after successful completion of the respective programs they enrolled into. The School also encourages active participation in the city’s rich cultural life and encourages Student and Faculty interaction with various National and International institutions that has assisted in attracting students from all over the country including students from other developing countries too.

The present campus of the SPA Delhi is situated at the Indraprastha Estate in New Delhi whereas the SPA Residential Campus and Hostels are located in New Friends Colony in South Delhi. The Institute has recently acquired a new 20 acres site that is situated south of the famous Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU in order to construct a new Campus area that can also accommodate lodging facilities for students.

The School of Planning and Architecture houses two libraries that stocks an invaluable collection of 66,000 books that have collected over a period of five decades. The Collection also comprise of Census Reports, Dissertation Reports, Seminar Reports, Thesis Reports, Technical Reports of various expert commissions and bodies, and so forth. The SPA Library is considered as one of the most reputed, finest and specialised libraries in Asia that has a collection of topics related with the field of architecture, design and planning including materials on their allied disciplines. This Library is used by Faculty members, Students and visiting research scholars from the country and the globe who seek information about the aforementioned disciplines or require material for reference and reading purposes. The Autodesk Centre of Excellence located within the Architecture Building is also equipped with 50 CAD workstations that can be accessed by the staff and students of SPA.

The School of Planning and Architecture also focuses on Sports, Games & Extracurricular activities apart from studies as it is considered as an integral component of life at SPA. A few Dramatics, music clubs & photography clubs such as ‘Coda’, ‘inmotion’, ‘Sankalp’, ‘Sepia’, ‘Spandan’, ‘Strokz’, ‘Zephyr’ etc. are successfully run by the SPA students every year including ‘Utopia’ and ‘Expressions’ that also form a part of the cultural events organised by the students every year. SPA students also actively participate in the activities of Spic Macay.

The School of Planning and Architecture is a specialized university that has led in introducing several academic programmes including various inter-related specialized fields at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. Under-graduate courses offered by SPA Delhi include Bachelor of Planning (4 years in duration), Bachelor of Architecture (5+ years in duration) & Post Graduate level courses that include Masters in Environmental Planning, Housing, Transport Planning, Regional Planning & Urban Planning, Masters Programme in industrial design, Masters Programme in Building Engineering and Management and Masters Programme in Landscape Architecture. The Doctoral level courses offered in SPA eventually award the students with a Ph. D Degree after successful completion of the programmes.

The SPA Delhi has also produced great personalities of which a world famous personality is Writer and Activist Arundhati Roy who studied for 4 years at SPA as a student but later dropped out of the college. Several movies have also been filmed in the campus of the SPA Institute.

Part-Time courses offered are Diplomas that students earn after successfully completing the programmes. The course duration ranges from two semesters up to two years depending on the course type. These courses include the ‘Jyotisha Diploma Certificate’, ‘Jyotisha Diploma’, ‘Paurohitya Certificate’ & ‘P. G. Diploma in Vasthushastra (Two-Year Course). In addition, other courses include ‘Refresher Courses in Jyotisha (Jyotish Prajna & Jyotish Bhushan)’ & ‘Training Course in Paurohitya (Short Duration)’.

The Vidyapeetha also organises the ‘Sanskrit Sambhashana Shiviram’ event from time to time that encourages conversational Sanskrit.

The Vidyapeetha library stands on a total floor area of 586 sq. m. that spreads on the entire ground level and first level of the building. It also holds an area of 290 sq. m. for stocking purposes. The Library houses over 63,926 books based on various subjects of learning. The library also subscribes to 35 journals in the related field and offers a lending facility to the students who require the books or documents for reference or reading purposes.