Aga Khan Hall


Aga Khan Hall is a perfect choice if you are looking for a venue to organize your exhibition. It is a popular venue for exhibitions and conferences and has to be booked well in advance it is located in the heart of Delhi near India Gate.


About the Aga Khan Hall

The Aga Khan Hall is a popular destination for exhibitions or seminars, and it has been host to several famous occasions over the years. It is equipped with all the facilities needed to host a great event.

Number of Exhibition Halls-

It has three exhibition halls that you can rent depending on your requirements. Two halls, large and small, are located on the first floor, and another small hall is on the 2nd floor.


The rough estimate of their charges for the halls is as under. You can contact them for the exact costs and the availability.

Large Hall – 40-50k.

Small Halls– 15k

Location & How to Reach?

The Aga Khan Hall is centrally located near Mandi House and opposite the White House. It is straightforward to reach by road or m, and the closest metro station is Mandi House Station on the Blue Line.

Address: 6, Bhagwan Das S Road New Delhi – 110 001.

Telephone: +91 -11 -2338 1163.

The office is open 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sunday.


So you can organize your exhibitions regularly during the year. You can host events like product launches, press conferences and many more. Many leading brands are organizing their exhibitions in this exhibition hall, so you can also use this space.