PVR Plaza-CP,Delhi

PVR Plaza-CP,Delhi

Adress:Plaza Mall, Connaught Cir, Block H, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Telephone: 088009 00009
Prominent Landmark:Plaza Mall
Facility:Parking Facility, Dolby Atmos and Food And Beverage.

PVR is one of the largest cinema chains in India. There is no doubt that all of us have had our own personal movie watching experience with PVR. And no one’s complaining. PVR now stands for the best quality movie and service.

PVR Plaza at Connaught Place

By launching the PVR Plaza Connaught Place, one of the largest financial and commercial centers in New Delhi, PVR has set an all-new benchmark for its competitors. Though it consists of just one screen, it does not fail to attract a large number of movie lovers every day. Since it has a single screen, PVR cp can only screen a maximum of two movies at a time. Also, PVR Plaza does not offer continuous shows because of this. In spite of this, PVR ensures that there is no compromise in quality.

Not many people know that PVR stands for Priya Village Roadshow, a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited. Together, they launched their first multiplex in June 1997 in Saket. By initiating this concept of multiplexes for the first time, PVR took movie watching to an all together different level. Today, we all enjoy going to multiplexes to watch our favourite heroes on screen. The best thing about PVR Cinemas is undoubtedly its customer service. It makes sure that its customers are pleased with what it offers. Moreover, they also return the money paid for the tickets in case of any technical failure. This shows that PVR Cinemas believes in making profit; not at the customer’s cost; but with the customer’s support. We indeed owe a lot to PVR Cinemas for introducing the comfortable seats, excellent audio-visuals and wide screens which make us feel as if we are watching the goings on live in front of us.

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