YMCA Library, Connaught Place

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Brief Description: The YMCA Library offers students an access point to information found in books, journals, magazines and so forth. The Library stocks a collection of 12,000 books on various subjects such as Arts, Literature and Language, Cultural, Religious and Political studies, Economics and Environment, History and bibliographies, Management, Media, Communication and IT, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management and many more. 120 Journals from both International and National publishers including Magazines are available for reference. It also stocks over 300 bounded volumes of Journals alone. The Library also homes a collection of the latest Newspapers from reputed and major news paper companied in English and Hindi. The latest volumes of newspapers dating 2 months are shelved for reference purposes. Beneficiaries include the student community, members, the staff as well as well wishers of YMCA.

Address: Jai Singh Road, New Delhi – 110 001

Phone: 91-11-43644000, 91-11-23361915

Fax: 91-11-23746035

Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Closing Hours: Holidays

Website: www.newdelhiymca.org