The Claridges Hotel, Delhi

The Claridges Hotel depicts a graceful architecture coupled with an elegant decor and a smooth blend of old world charm with contemporary facilities. The Hotel is surrounded by lush green and well landscaped lawns and a garden dotted with tall palm trees and is locate close to the city centre in proximity to the city business hubs and shopping malls. Since the 1950s, this 5-star deluxe hotel has played host to several important dignitaries and corporate heads including political, business and social gatherings through the years.


The Claridges Hotel offers accommodation that ranges from elegantly furnished spacious Deluxe Rooms, The Claridges Rooms, Club Rooms, Deluxe Suites, Luxury Suites and The Claridges Suite wherein a few have a private terrace. All the 137 Rooms and Suites are designed in a classic yet contemporary style equipped with modern conveniences and facilities that include an attached bath with premium bathroom amenities, a glass shower cubicle, bathrobes with slippers, a spacious King Size or Queen Size beds dressed in 100% pure cotton linens and a choice of pillows, a separate work desk area, LCD television, Tea and coffee maker, Mini bar, Daily newspaper, Shoe horn or shoe polish cloth and 24 hours in-room dining service to name a few.

Guests can unwind at the ‘Pickwicks’ which is a 24 hours multi-cuisine diner at the Centaur Hotel that overlooks The Claridges Garden. It exudes a charming 19th century decor dressed with sketches inspired by Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers that adorns the walls of this restaurant including antique kettles on display. The ‘Sevilla’ serves authentic Mediterranean cuisines from southern coastal Europe and Casablanca. ‘Jade’ serves authentic Chinese cuisine from Mainland China, is a real treat for the senses. The ‘Dhaba’ is a typical replica of a rustic highway eating joint that serves authentic North Indian cuisines. ‘Aura’ – The Vodka Bar depicts chic interiors and an extensive selection of beverages ranging from spirits to over 75 choices of the best, finest and rare vodka brands from across the globe. The ‘Ye Old Bakery’ offers one of the best Patisseries while ‘The Claridges Garden’ serves a variety of appetisers including sandwiches and soft drinks. Guests can also enjoy an early morning breakfast or soft beverages at the poolside or take a dip in the Hotel’s outdoor swimming pool.

The Senate’ – Executive Lounge, ‘Maharani’ conference hall  and ‘The Viceregal’ that comprise of Business Centre at The Claridges Hotel provides a state-of-the-art equipments, amenities, facilities and services like Audio and Visual Facility, large seating capacity, private work stations, wireless internet connectivity, fax, printer, copier, scanner services, translation and secretarial services to name a few, all in view to meet the daily needs of the business clients and corporate houses and business lounges.


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