By Ankita Sharma

Immigration facilities in Delhi are available at the Airport itself for all Foreign Tourists visiting India free of charge. Arrangements for ‘Visa on Arrival’ is not available, however, ‘Temporary Landing Facility’ [TLF] or ‘Temporary Landing Permit’ [TLP] can be provided on cash payment to foreigners who have arrived on an emergency basis like Critical Illness of a Family member or Death of Family member without the need of an Indian Visa. These Temporary Landing permits are not available for Nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Somalia.

The TLF or TLP can also be arranged for foreign passengers who are transiting via India with a confirmed onward journey within Seventy two hours. Besides this, foreign tourists arriving via Sea or Air travelling in groups of four or over who have been sponsored by authorised and recognized Indian Travel Agencies with a pre-drawn itinerary list can be given a ‘Collective Landing Permit’ only for a specified period of time as per written request addressed to the Immigration Officer signed by the recognised Travel Agencies furnished with complete Personal and Passport details of all the members of the travelling group respectively and also along with it an agreement to engage the group in accordance with the Travel itinerary and an assurance that no single member will opt out or walk off from their respective groups at any time or any place during their duration of stay.

Excluding natives from Nepal and Bhutan, National Citizens of other countries require National Passports and Related Travel Documents with a Visa to enter India granted by an Indian Mission Office in their respective countries. Citizens from Nepal and Bhutan do not require a Passport and neither a Visa to enter India but they should possess relevant documents as in their Identification Proof before arriving in India.

The Indian Immigration services and the Foreigners’ registration services are available at the major International Airports at five main cities in India managed by the ‘Bureau of Immigration’ or ‘BOI’.

In case your baggage is lost or mishandled in transit, please do obtain a certificate from the respective Airlines stating your case and have it countersigned by the Customs accordingly.

Please be assured that Immigration checks are done for all passengers be it for Indian Citizens or Foreigner Nationalities during arrival and departure. Passports will be duly stamped on arrival as well as departure however, it is imperative for travellers to ensure that this is done especially before exiting the Immigration Counter.

It is also imperative for all passengers be it a Foreigner or Indian arriving or departing India , must complete a ‘D’ card (Disembarkation) or ‘E’ Card (Embarkation) on their arrival or departure from the country. Please note the information that is required to be filled in those cards is as follows:

  • Name and Sex
  • Date of birth, Place of Birth, Nationality
  • Passport details like the passport number, place and dates of issue/expiry.
  • Visa details like the Visa number, place and dates of issue/expiry (for arriving foreigners only)
  • Address in India
  • Flight number and date of arrival/departure
  • Occupation
  • Purpose of visit to/from India


Assistant Collector of Customs or Commissioner of Customs,
New Customs House, Near IGI Airport,
New Delhi – 110 037


For lost or Stolen Passport, Foreign tourists/travellers need to follow these steps;

  1. File a report with the local police stating your case (either lost or stolen Passport).
  2. Once the new travel document are obtained, you must approach for a grant of Visa or Exit Permit with the following details along with your Date of Journey and Type of Visa:
    • Name of Indian Mission from where the Visa was granted.
    • Port of arrival, Flight Number and details of vassals.
    • Places you have visited in India.
  3. The information provided by you is captured and sent for confirmation which can take up till a week. Once the information is confirmed, the Visa Permit or Exit Permit will be granted which will take another week to get furnished.


There are two channels namely where customs clearance is executed;

  • The Green Channel for passengers with no dutiable goods.
  • The Red Channel for passengers with dutiable goods.

Please Note that if any foreign tourists or travellers are found carrying dutiable goods or any prohibited goods through the ‘Green Channel’ then all goods will get confiscated and they will be liable for penalty or even prosecution.

Do make your plans in advance and book authorised tours to visit India and be acquainted with its rich cultural and traditional heritage that welcomes you with warmth, love and peace leaving you with a memorable experience and coming back for more.

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