Through the new century, Delhi has rapidly caught up with the latest and one of the most popular trends of building a number of Shopping Malls dotted across the city. The Capital City has seen a gradual improvement in the way people look at shopping as a retail therapy rather than a tiresome experience. These air conditioned shopping malls definitely brings forward a change to the old traditional perspective of shopping in open areas that do take a toll on your energy.

The City has caught up with the rest of the world in terms of globalization and market openness via these shopping malls. In the past fifteen years, Delhi has shown evident signs of an improved shopping experience holistically. The emergence of the ‘Great Indian Middle Class’ has forced the city to take a different approach to improve the retail business. In order to cash this change, the retail revolution thus took off with numerous shopping malls sprouting all across the capital city. Few years ago, the western part of Delhi was absent of a single shopping mall, however, today, West Delhi witnesses the largest number of Shopping Malls and other shops seen at a distance of 5 kms apart.

Today, these Shopping malls in Delhi reflect the new shopping frenzy of the City and have become more of a hang out zone for youngsters. For shopaholics, it represents the ultimate cure in retail therapy especially with the presence of all branded items as well as food courts; all available under one roof.

Shopping Malls in Delhi also provide a great respite for shoppers especially during the hot summer months and hence they become the preferred shopping destination for locals as well as tourists. One can find a wide range of products and items from branded clothing to footwear, accessories, bags, jewellery, toys, video games, music, CDs, DVDs, Food outlets, an eclectic collection of wares and many more.

Shopping Malls in Delhi can be categorised into two types; one specializes in a single field of commodity while the other type houses an assortment of a wide variety of stores. Most of these shopping malls are also equipped with a Multiplex Movie Theatre that serves as the perfect source of entertainment for the people of Delhi especially with the added bonus of being able to shop, enjoy a meal at the numerous restaurants and get entertained under one umbrella. The Shopping Malls hence provide a complete entertainment package to the locals of the City.

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