Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is situated on Sri Aurobindo Marg in South Delhi opposite the famous AIIMS Hospital and the INA Market. It features shops that retail Exotic Handicrafts, Handlooms and has good stalls that serve different types of Indian cuisines from their respective Indian States showcasing its culinary extravagance. Opened on all days, this market is very popular owing to the fact that it provides shoppers with a choice of various traditional items and traditional food under one roof.

Dilli Haat is a craft bazaar and food bazaar that has another branch at Netaji Subhash Place which is adjacent to Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station. Both these branches feature a craft market and food outlets under one enclosed area that represents the states of India individually wherein each product stall retails a wide variety of items and each food stall retail an array of snacks and food fare to match the visitor’s palate.

The Stalls within Dilli Haat offers a glimpse into the varied cultures and traditions of the Country that offers a variety of handloom, crafts, handicrafts, clothes, jewellery, souvenirs and accessories. This market place is an absolute delight for shoppers who love and admire the uniqueness and importance of traditional art and craft works.

Numerous cultural events are also organised within the compound of Dilli Haat and on a much grander scale. The market campus can host such activities as it is large enough to accommodate the event. It spans over a massive area measuring approximately 6 acres in size and the design seen here is based on a typical traditional Indian village look. It features a shopping plaza paved with brickwork and stones and lawns dressed with lush green grass, flower shrubs, eucalyptus trees and a soothing yet traditional decor and ambience.

Dilli Haat homes an accessible rest room for visitors as well as physically challenged people and is also wheelchair friendly, which is a feature, not seen in any other market places in Delhi leaving a few. Unlike a traditional weekly market, this Village style market place is a permanent fixture wherein each stall is permanent (Indian State based), however, the sellers are rotated every 15 days in order to offer an opportunity for every different seller to retail their products instead of just one. Products retailed here include Beads, Brassware, Drapery, Embellished Camel Hide Footwear, Furniture, Gems, Metal Crafts, Rosewood and Sandalwood Carvings, Silk and Wool Fabrics, Sophisticated Fabrics, Shoes and many more. Various events held here to promote handicrafts and handlooms are showcased at the exhibition hall situated within the shopping complex. For retailing wares, sellers must fill an application and run through a process after which spaces are allocated as per the native of the seller.

Shopping In Dilli Haat is an exotic experience as it transforms anyone to an era of imperial charm where you feel like royalty browsing through the exquisite items displayed before you to choose from and purchase and at the same time one can savour cuisines from different States of India ranging from North Indian to the South Indian and Eastern to Western fares. Visitors can also enjoy a number of unique regional cuisines served during the regional food festivals that is organised here.

Dilli Haat charges a nominal entrance fee and is a must visit for one to experience an Indian cultural explosion of goods and food together. Plans are underway to open another Dilli Haat Branch at Pitampura [North Delhi].