Delhi’s best electronic wholesale market

Delhi has got tonnes of small markets and shops that deal with electronics for wholesale at the best prices. But the question that arises is, which is the best electronic wholesale market in Delhi? Not to worry, we have the answer to your question in the article below. Check it out :

The best electronic wholesale market in Delhi are Nehru Place, Palika Bazar and Gaffar Market. Let’s check them out :

1. Nehru Place

Termed the most prominent IT Market in Asia, Nehru Place does justice to its name. If you are looking for laptops in bulk, available at the lowest prices, it’s the place for you. From buying, repairing, or even selling, gadget freaks prefer this market. Apart from laptops, you will also find a number of accessories available at amazing discounts. The variety of laptop models from almost all the brands at Nehru Place is quite wide, and you’ll definitely find what you were looking for.

Nearest metro station: Nehru Place metro station on the violet line

Day closed: Sunday

2. Palika Bazar

Palika Bazar features a number of shops that sell a wide range of electronic products like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, kitchen appliances, and television of the most reliable brands Apple, Sony, LG, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Whirlpool. The market is quite famous for being the one-stop destination for all gamers. They deal in gaming consoles of various brands, including Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation. Apart from these electronic products, a few shops also have audio speakers. If you are looking for Bluetooth speakers, wireless microphones, headphones and much more, Palika Bazaar is the place for you. Do not forget to check out Luthra Electronics, Rhythmics and Electronics Palace.

Nearest metro station: Rajic Chowk metro station on the blue line

Day closed: Sunday

3. Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market has been Delhi’s most iconic market for ages. Around 500 shops and kiosks sell mobiles, spare parts and accessories at unbelievable discounts. Apart from mobile phones and their accessories, there are various electronic appliance stores. From air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, television sets, and mixer grinders, you will everything here in bulk and at reasonable prices.

Nearest metro station: Karol Bagh metro station on the blue line

Day closed: Monday


1. Which is the largest electronic market in Delhi?

Nehru Place is not only Delhi’s but Asia’s most prominent electronic market, with numerous shops selling desktops, laptops, spare parts, accessories and much more.

2. Where is the largest wholesale market in Delhi?

Sadar Bazar is truly the largest wholesale market in Delhi; the market has smaller markets that specialize in wholesale clothes, crockery, jewellery, cosmetics and much more.

3. Which is the best electronic market in India?

Nehru Place is considered the best electronics market in India.

4. What is Sadar Bazar famous for?

Sadar Bazar is famous for being one of the largest wholesale markets in the country, selling a wide range of crockery, clothes, jewellery, cosmetics etc.

The above-mentioned markets are undoubtedly the best markets for electronics and worth visiting if you are looking whole electronics at amazing prices.

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