Greater Kailash Market

Greater Kailash market is situated in South Delhi and features almost all of the world famous big brand names and upscale retail outlets from India as well as International countries. The Market place is divided into two zones named ‘G K Part 1’ and ‘G K Part 2’, wherein both these zones are dotted with the most popular and well known shopping complexes seen in Delhi.

The Greater Kailash Part I and Part II market places boast of some of the most luxurious showrooms and retail outlets and is apt especially for shoppers who are into designer wears and accessories and are ready to spend a lavish amount of money without a blink. Visitors can find the latest fashion trends and boutiques nestled in one of the most posh residential areas of Delhi that caters to the rich and affluent class of residents and locals as well as tourists who enjoy shopping extravagantly.

The Greater Kailash Market Part I features one of the most popular and well known markets in Delhi known by all as the ‘M Block market’. The M Block Market was developed in the early 1970s by the DLF Corporation Company and later the Greater Kailash Part II market was developed.

The retail outlets seen in both the Greater Kailash Markets are highly modern in design, interiors and decor. While shopping in GK is fun, this place has more to offer then shops. It is dotted with swish bars, Night clubs, pubs and clubs including a number of glitzy discotheques where people can dance the night away leaving their stress and the hectic work day behind.

The G K market is also apt for Party lovers who merely want to enjoy a memorable nightlife in these swanky clubs, bars, pubs and discotheques that exhibit a chic and modern decor, infrastructure and fantastic ambience as well as serves one of the most exquisite varieties of beverages and food. There are numerous classy restaurants that serve one of the most delicious delicacies and also form a perfect getaway for people who just want to spend a quiet and quality time with family, friends or colleagues at a fine dinner night out accompanied with drinks, cocktails, mocktails and a meaningful conversation.

The Greater Kailash zone of South Delhi is also dotted with lavish bungalows, elegant homes, upscale designer outlets and a swanky and elite crowd. It offers an absolute bliss in every aspect and a hangout joint for people especially around the evening and late hours.

After a shopping spree one can also take a glimpse of the nearby tourist attractions situated close to the G K Market place such as the famous ISKCON Temple, the Kalkaji Mandir and the awe inspiring Lotus Temple.

Greater Kailash Market can easily be accessible via road from any corner of Delhi. One can either hire a cab or taxi or an auto rickshaw to arrive at this place. Please note that the market remains opened 6 days in a week and is closed on Tuesdays only. A visit to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to this upscale and happening market place. Hence, ensure that place is marked as one of your itineraries in your ‘places to visit’ list.