Janpath Market

Janpath Market is situated near Connaught Place in central New Delhi and known for its reasonably priced products. The name ‘Janpath’ literally means ‘People’s Path’ and is originally a street / road that connects to Connaught Place from the radial road 1 that lies adjacent to Lodhi garden and Palika Bazaar. This market place lies on one portion along the stretch of this road.  The shops seen here were set up by refugees who fled from Pakistan during the 1947 Partition of India and a few Tibetan shops seen here belong to refugees who fled from Tibet to India after the Invasion of Tibet.

Janpath is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Delhi and is mostly apt for people looking for the latest trends in fashion and accessories including faux antiques and silverware and souvenirs however at an affordable rate.  It is in fact a budget shopping spot especially for people looking to get a trendy hippie design clothing. It is also famous for its silver and very affordable costume jewellery to match your outfit. Apart from the budget shops, Janpath also features a number of showrooms and book stores; however, it is best to visit this market if you wish to shop for inexpensive items available at the various shopping kiosks that have been put up here.

Janpath is a sheer delight for bargain specialist as it is one of those few market places where you can bargain seriously; hence, do remember to bargain as much as you can while shopping at this market place. The bargain limit is not set as such and it is tough to know the exact prices, however, follow you own experience and instincts while bargaining. The basic idea is to buy the items of your choice at a reasonable price as most of the items sold here are not branded and are generally retailed at a higher price, probably twice to thrice the amount of its original rate.

Janpath Market is also very popular amongst the local people especially college students who just love to window shop. Many professionals working around this area also enjoy a quick stroll along this market stretch in order to de-stress from a hectic work schedule owing to its vibrant crowd and attractive sights of the various items and clothing lined up here. This market place is also a favourite haunt and haven for visiting travellers looking for ethnic dresses and exotic ensembles including several Indian artefact imitations.

Though Janpath is situated in a prominent business area, it is still advisable for all visitors, especially foreign tourists, to beware of pick pockets and touts who stroll around this Market. It is recommended to carry a small amount of cash and make use of the ATMs dotted around this area to withdraw only the required cash to shop.

Janpath features shops that retail some of the most popular items such as CDs and DVDs, Carpets, Cotton Garments, Daily clothing wear ranging from shirts, tops, t-shirts, skirts, jeans etc., Decorative Items, Embellished linen, Ethnic dresses, Furniture, Imitation Jewellery, Indian artefacts, Junk Jewellery, Leather Footwear ranging from Juti to Mojri, Kohlapuri and many more, Rajasthan vegetable colour paintings and Silver Jewellery.

Besides the shopping kiosks, Janpath is also fringed by numerous small Café joints and restaurants who offer the much needed respite from a tiring shopping spree. Shoppers can relax at these food joints and enjoy a variety of delectable snacks and a hot cup of tea, coffee or a cup of cold coffee and smoothies during the hot summer months. Hence, this market place is a must visit for tourists and budget travellers who will definitely be acquainted with fun time shopping here and leave with a memorable experience etched in their minds forever.

Janpath Market can be easily reached from any corner of Delhi via road by public transport. For foreign tourists, it is advisable to hire a taxi cab or an auto rickshaw in order to arrive at this market place. Alternatively, visitors can also use the Delhi metro and de-board at the New Delhi Main Metro Station in Connaught Place from where one can easily walk to Janpath market.

Janpath Market is closed on Sundays and remains opened from Mondays through Saturdays between 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Food stalls generally open up till the late hours.