Palika Bazar

Palika Bazaar is situated near the busy commercial centre of Connaught Place. It is the only air-conditioned underground market in Delhi located between the inner and outer circle of the Connaught Place area that is known for its reasonably priced goods and makes an ideal shopping centre for budget travellers visiting the capital city during the scorching summer season. This underground market place is fringed with small shops that retail almost everything.

About Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar dates back to the 1970s when it was established as a retail outlet to cater to the neighbouring areas and residents of Central Delhi. It was constructed in a circular shape to match with the circular shaped Commercial Connaught Place market. Later, it became one of the most famous shopping complexes in Delhi and has almost 400 shops lined around its circumference on the lower as well as upper floors. The ceiling is dome shaped and lends an ancient look to this market complex.

Palika Bazaar has seven entrances that lead visitors down to the market area. ‘Gate No. 1’ is the main entrance gate of the Palika Bazaar and faces the Central Park of Connaught Place. The Palika Underground Parking lot is situated to its left whereas the F Block lies to its right. ‘Gate No. 2’ faces the Palika Underground Parking and it is equipped with a ramp entry for physically challenged visitors. ‘Gate No. 3’ is not in use while ‘Gate No. 4’ leads you through the spiral staircase of the underground market but is not in use. This gate faces the Parliament Street, Jeevan Bharti building and Regal Building. ‘Gate No. 5’ leads you through the spiral staircase entry. It faces Janpath market, the N Block and the Jeevan Bharti building. ‘Gate No. 6’ faces the N Block and F Block while ‘Gate No. 7’ also allows a ramp entry for physically challenged visitors and faces the F Block.

Shoppers can find everything in Palika Bazaar ranging from garments to ethnic wear, bags, accessories, electronic gadgets and items, computers, hardware, video game consoles, mobile phones, DVDs and CDs, footwear, leather clothing, nightwear, perfumes, jewellery, shawls and many more, all available under one domed roof. One can also buy curios and small souvenirs to take back home to their country. All these items are retailed at an affordable price, however, one can bargain to arrive at more reasonable rate that will be satisfactory to you as well as the shopkeepers. This underground Bazaar also homes a number food stalls situated in the several corners inside the market area that serve a variety of soft drinks, milk shakes, smoothies, tea, coffee and snacks.

While shopping is fun, one must not be too adventurous by visiting market places without prior information about it, especially for foreign tourists visiting it for the first time. Hence, it is always advisable to take along somebody who knows about all the ins and outs of the Palika Bazaar market place as there are chances that you could be robbed off your cash by the shopkeepers in terms of the item prices. Be wary of pickpockets and use the cash withdrawal facility at ATMs situated outside the market area. After a hectic shopping spree, one can relax on the grassy area dresses on the roof of Palika Bazaar or enjoy a snack break.

Palika Bazar Timings

Palika Bazaar timing is between 10:30 AM and 8:00 PM. If you are thinking is Palika Bazar open today? Palika Bazar market is open from Mondays to Saturdays. Palika Bazar is closed on Sundays only.

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