Second-hand furniture markets in Delhi

Many people these days consider investing in second-hand furniture rather than investing in new ones. There could be many reasons people do it, for example, people having transferrable jobs, students living on a budget or someone who has just moved to a new city for his first job. If we talk about second-hand furniture markets in Delhi, quite a few markets and shops deal with used furniture. Such furniture pieces are re-furbished and sold off at low prices.

Second-hand furniture markets in Delhi

Let’s take a look at some of these markets that have the best collection of old furniture:

1. Sarai kale khan furniture market

Located towards the ring road, Sarai Kale Khan has a few shops that claim to sell the cheapest second-hand furniture in Delhi. As you enter these shops, you will notice that the furniture doesn’t look used. Old pieces here are fixed, painted, and polished, making them as new as ever so that they are perfect to use. The price of table chairs starts from Rs. 1000 and goes up to Rs. 5,000; beds start from Rs. 4,000, sofa sets from Rs. 3000 while you’ll bean bags from Rs. 1,500 and much more. Remember that these prices are not fixed and can be bargained easily.

Nearest metro station: Sarai Kale Khan- Nizamuddin metro station

2. Mahmaya Flyover, Noida, near Okhla

This furniture market is located in sector 65, near Mahmaya Flyover. The special thing about this market is that they have a collection of Embassy furniture and export surplus available at the lowest prices. The pieces available are pretty classy and look luxurious. This market must be on your list if you are looking for vintage furniture pieces and home décor.

Nearest metro station: Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro station.

3. Old Singhole furniture market

Narela furniture market is known for its range of office furniture. If you are setting up an office or a shop, visit this market for chairs, tables, cabinets, and couches. Apart from office furniture, they have sofa sets, dining tables, and side tables available at reasonable prices.

Note: Ensure you check furniture quality, paint, and polish before buying from these markets. Also, prices here totally depend on your bargaining skills.

Visit these above-mentioned markets and make the most of these second-hand furniture pieces available at the cheapest rates.

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