Where to sell old clothes in Delhi?

Are you tired of hoarding old clothes? Hoarding old clothes in our almirahs not only acquires space but remains unused for years and years. Several shops and thrift stores accept pre-own clothes in exchange for money. The price usually depends on the brand and quality of your clothes.

Best Places to sell old clothes in Delhi

Delhi has several shops that accept pre-owned clothes, where you can sell your old clothes. Let us take a look at some of these shops:

1. ELEVEN (Thrift and Consignment store)

This thrift and consignment store was launched in 2021 and is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to resell high-quality clothing for the newer generation. This generation believes in protecting mother earth, equal wages, and minimalism. To sell your pre-owned clothes at ELEVEN, you must fill out a simple form with questions regarding several clothes and other details.

Address: 233c Pkt, C2C, 2, Janakpuri, New Delhi

2. Yaga

Yaga is an online platform for buying and selling pre-loved clothes and accessories. Sellers can quickly sell their clothes through Yaga’s e-shop, which lets them easily manage orders by allowing them to choose from integrated delivery partners. Yaga is a trusted platform where sellers do not have to worry about payments. Payments directly get deposited into your Yaga wallet account after an item is sold.

3. Kiabza

Kiabza is a Mumbai-based marketplace that allows fashion lovers from around the country to buy and sell pre-owned clothes. They have a list of more than 3000 approved Indian and International brands. Kiabza only deals with authentic clothes and accessories that are not old by over three years. What makes Kiabza special is that they provide free pick-up services after you provide all the required details about the products you wish to sell. They also provide attractive payouts.

4. Bombay closet cleanse

Bombay Closet Cleanse is another renowned women-run thrift and consignment store that deal with pre-owned and vintage clothing to promote minimalism and love for the earth. Apart from clothes, you can sell your pre-loved accessories, handbags, and home décor. To sell your clothing to Bombay Closet Clean, you must email clear images and other details to [email protected]; after approving the details, their team will send you a list of prices.

5. QuikrBazaar

QuikrBazaar lets users sell pre-owned clothes on their platform by displaying ads. It is also India’s number 1 classifieds platform that will provide you with worthy prices.

6. Amalfi

Amalfi is a sustainable online thrift store where people can sell pre-worn clothes by providing their details or mailing them to [email protected].

Selling your old clothes is a great idea as it helps you earn some extra bucks and gives your clothes a new life. It helps people to be more sustainable and practice minimalism.

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