Where to sell old lehenga in Delhi?

Since the lehenga is a piece of clothing women only wear occasionally, maybe just once or twice, it is better to hand it over to someone who needs it or donate it. Hoarding clothing is never a great idea as it takes up so much space and is left unused for years.

Best Places to sell old lehengas in Delhi

This article will discuss where you can sell your old lehenga in Delhi. Let’s check it out:

1. Loved Lehenga

Loved Lehenga can be considered one of the most simple websites to sell your lehengas online. They offer two kinds of packages to those interested: standard and premium packages. The premium package lets your clothing appear on the home page and at the top of the searches, directly increasing the chances of the lehenga being sold. Apart from these facilities, the seller can post up to eight photos compared to the Standard package, which only allows four photos. Loved Lehenga claims not to charge any commission from the sellers and advertises the product globally.

2. Luxepolis

Luxepolis is another website to sell your lehengas at great deals. You will be required to Whatsapp your product’s pictures and provide information and other details, including the brand, price, usage, and price you would expect. Apart from these details, let them know if you have the bills, original packaging, box, warranty, etc. Luxepolis charges 20%+GST selling prices under 2.9 lacs and 14.6% + GST for selling prices above 2.9 lacs.

3. Ethnic Thread

Ethnic Thread is one of the platforms to sell your ethnic wear with ease. Sign up for the website or app to sell your lehenga, upload pictures and the necessary details, and quote the price. One thing to remember is that Ethnic Thread does not charge any commission, and it is ultimately the seller’s choice to decide how they want to sell the clothing (virtually or by the meeting).

4. Etashee

Etashee offers a fast, easy, and convenient way to sell your lehenga. Sellers can directly market their piece of clothing by filling out a simple form, getting it approved from Etashee’s team, listing the item, and then shipping their clothing to the buyer’s house and getting paid. It is an easy way to earn money by reaching a broader audience.

5. Coutloot

Couloot allows sellers to set up online stores and sell products quickly within 30 seconds. Apart from lehengas, sellers can list several items like electronics, home décor, and appliances. Coutloot charges a 9% commission when you ship the clothing directly and 15% when you ship via Coutloot.

Sell your lehengas with the help of these websites, which follow simple procedures and let you earn easy money quickly.

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