Nehru Park

Nehru Park was constructed next to the main Panchsheel Marg (Road) right before Hotel Ashoka in Chanakya Puri Diplomatic Enclave which is one of the most posh areas of Delhi. It is dedicated to Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and a Great Leader of the Nation. The Park was established in 1969 with the main purpose to convert a large expanse of area within Delhi into a green plot which was required for the city as it was witnessing tremendous growth in infrastructure, socially and economically.

The sudden surge of vehicles and modern equipments that continuously polluted the environment made it a necessity for the Indian Government to construct various green plots amidst the periphery of the city and Nehru Park was one of the answers to a greener Delhi. This was indeed one of those few parks seen in the city that was established post Independence spanning over a massive area of 80 acres that is enveloped with beautifully manicured lush green lawns and gentle sloping landscapes embedded with beds of carefully tended flowers and tall shady green trees that add a soothing, peaceful and relaxing ambience to the area. It features well constructed pathways and different moulds and rocks inscribed with inspirational words of Pt. Nehru along with a Swimming Pool and a Snack Bar set up right at the entrance of the Park.

Soon after its construction, Nehru Park became an instant hit amongst the nearby residence of the posh colonies and later across Delhi who extensively used the pathways of this park for early morning walks and jogging. A few are seen exercising and performing their daily Yoga postures every morning. The Park also remains crowded with families and friends during evenings when children and Adults are seen playing various outdoor sports like cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Football etc. Courting Couples are a permanent sight to watch within this Park wherein they spend a quiet romantic time with each other away from the hustle, bustle and rush of the city.

During Weekends and Holidays, Nehru Park is perpetually crowded with picnic boxes and various sport events which are conducted by the residents around the area wherein small tokens are also presented to all winners. The main attraction is a 2-hour Musical Concert called as the ‘Morning Ragas’ and Art programmes conducted every Sunday morning within the premises of this park performed by World famous vocalists and musicians of India and attended by a much awaited crowd who desperately look forward to these events every weekend. The soft music and singing completely captivates and relaxes your senses which definitely helps in relieving stress and is a must visit for all tourists especially.

Another attraction of Nehru Park is free Yoga Classes conducted every summer from April to September between 0600 hours and 0700 hours and on Winters from October to March between 0630 hours and 0730 hours daily except on Sundays which is organised by the education department of the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation or DTTDC as an initiative to help the Delhi crowd remain fit and active. This Park also forms an excellent venue for social events including Stately Dinner Parties and cultural events other than the Morning Ragas and Art performances like ‘Evening Ragas’ or the ‘Music in the Park’ Concert organised by the New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC, SPIC MACAY Music Concerts and the Bhakti Festival organised every year for devotees at the ancient Lord Shiva Temple that lies within the premises of the Park.

The Swimming Pool within Nehru Park was initially used by Public for free but recently it was converted into a Private Swimming Pool Club exclusively to be used only by Civil Servants and their respective Families. However, despite this recent change, people still crowd this park everyday and throughout the year as it remains opened to public with no entry fee and all year round from early mornings up till late evenings making it as one of the most famous and visited parks in Delhi.