The Talkatora Garden lies on the main Mother Teresa Road formerly known as the Willington Crescent road and is opened on all days from 1500 hours to 1800 hours. It is on these grounds that the Mughal dynasty won the battle of 1738 over the Marathas. It houses the popular Talkatora Indoor Stadiums where many games like badminton, swimming, table tennis etc. are held throughout the year. This Garden literally means ‘Tal’ for ‘Tank’ or ‘Lake’ and ‘Katora’ for a ‘Cup’ or ‘Bowl’ that was once a large water tank and now has been converted into a swimming pool.

The Gardens are beautifully landscaped with trees, plants, shrubs and flowers that blossom in spring season and it also forms a perfect venue for various cultural programs, games, competition and events held all year round. Horticulture shows are also organised for school children to educate them about the various species of flowers. It also makes for a beautiful picnic spot under the shades of trees and amidst the green lawns and colourful ambience.